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October 2, 2012
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Ben 10 Omnitix Demotivational by Sephirath21000 Ben 10 Omnitix Demotivational by Sephirath21000
Depressing but true. It was a let-down final battle where all that happened was the following:

Ben orders the Omnitrix to self-destruct, Vilgax gets mad afterwards and tries to crash his ship into Bellwood. Gwen and Max go drive it into the ocean while Ben steals a gauntlet from Albedo to fight Vilgax, after three weaksauce moves Vilgax goes down as the Ship begins to sink. Vilgax becomes the Giant Squid at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to eat Ben but Ben said STFU and booked it from there as the ship undramatically blows up beneath the waves as Ben swims out as Jetray.

Then we find out a shocking realization in Ultimate Alien episode about parallel timelines from Paradox where he says that there are parallel universes all differently connected: A timeline where Gwen found the Omnitrix, another where Albedo transformed into Alien X and was frozen for a year, but the one that REALLY took the cake for me was a timeline where Ben didn't need to destroy the Omnitrix to defeat Vilgax!

...THAT HAPPENED?!? Start the series over again McDuffie, I wanna see that instead! Ben duking it out with an Omnitrix-wielding Vilgax without any known powers and winning!! Who honestly wants to see that instead of The Final Battle's take of what happened? [[=EDIT= already made a video of that comment on Youtube: [link] ]]

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hendabosalehz Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Ok so you heated that episode. But let's review the whole series it was filled with plot holes you know. For example Ben's father wasn't it in the I think last ben 10 episode fought with Gwen Max and ben to defeat Vilgax plus Vilgax got blown up in the sewers how come he's alive? Ben's dad knew about him yet in grounded it was like it never happened. Cash and JT saw Ben transform in that episode as well. So how come they didn't know about it? And their design is different wasn't it in the original ben 10 his father had green eyes and he had more of a resemblance for ben while his mother's eyes were blue. In Ben 10 Gohstfreak burned and daied and the omnitrix got the DNA back yet in AF he's a prisoner how did that work?
And charmcaster weren't her eyes pink in ben 10 how did they become blue. And Gwen when that Gwen from the future in ben 10000 she was using magic not mana she's an alien either timelines how did that work? And in what our little girl is made of? What they didn't know their grandmother's name??????? And yah Ben was more leader material in the earlier seasons. And ben wants to kill Kevin come on how far from him can you get even in the original he tried until he knew that there was no hope you'd think he has more emotion to his best and only friend. Really he's the hero for god's sake.
As you can see a lot of blot wholes that some ignored some I hope bitched about I don't know I'm an Arabian girl I don't know what's going on in America.
Point is there is a lot of disappointments. So why bitch about that one thing?
Ok excuse me let me put a theory so there IS a world where Gwen found the omnitrix so let's assume Paradox made a mistake when he brought back 10 years old ben to his time and ended up in the world where Gwen found the omnitrix maybe they gave an explanation to Gwen 10 and if they ever did another episode about that world they BETTER make ben an anodite not put him on the side lines I swear omniverse is bad enough with what they did to the characters
Sorry if I rambled too much I just don't have anyone to bitch to about these things if you read it sorry and I thank you patience. If you didn't at least I got some stuff off of my chest.
Sephirath21000 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


For Starters:


The final episode of Ben 10 OS was set in a parallel universe as well.


Z'Skayer (AKA Ghostfreak) I honestly no idea on how he managed to escape, all I know is that something happened but I have no idea on the how or the why.


To clarify: I try to avoid Ultimate Alien at all costs because of the fact that "Ben is now a widely-known celebrity on Earth (which would seemingly defeat the purpose of First Contact with alien life since the entire planet now knows about it more-so than ever before), adding to it the popular media of the galaxy saying that Ben saved the entire universe from the Highbreed (come on, the universe is at least 13 billion years old, and would take a seemingly large amount of time for one to traverse barely an inch of that if it was on a map that was only 13 feet in length and diameter. Even if it were possible, there are still hidden areas, uncharted corners of space, unknown lifeforms hiding within our own galactic backyard that refuse to even be found by anyone. Plus again, the Highbreed are the most advanced alien threat to have ever been seen that had the largest scope of power at the time. If this was the case than their only targets for genocide should have been only in the immediate area of their own galaxy plus the neighboring Magellans if there is life out there which I firmly believe to be true –god I hope there will be some cool alien cultures in the Magellans, or at least some cool backstory about life there that’d influence why the milky way is like the way it is right now instead of being more like in Star Trek with scientific pursuits or cultural disputes instead of Americanized bullshit like we’ve seen with a known interstellar pair of southern US stereotypes)

To clarify: there is a group of like-minded individuals that also hate the turn of the series with Omniverse, just go to the group Ben 10 OS-to-UA for more details and debacles on why it is terrible and about quality artwork by fans like you.


MaxwellCohen5211997 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Considering how Ghostfreak was alive the whole time, I assume that Azmuth removed Ghostfreak so he couldn't control Ben anymore.
hendabosalehz Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
How old are you?
Sephirath21000 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm 21, this is my best friends old account; he didn't need it anymore plus I had already uploaded stuff to it, so now I own this account, plain-and-simple
hendabosalehz Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
Ha I'm cool
TheWalrusclown Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
The anly reason Keven mutated the second and third time was to ride on Twilights sucssess!!!! AND THE FACT THAT F$%ING TWILIGHT ALLREADY F^&$ING SUCKS MEANS THAT THE WRIGHTERS SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES !!!!!
MaxwellCohen5211997 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Kevin's Mutations = Twilight Love Story Rip-Offs?

Nothing is worse than Twilight. Not even the abomination known as Ben 10: Omniverse.
ETNRL4L Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
I would pay money to see how Ben figured that one out. Although, it likely had something to do with him still getting the Omnitrix off of Vilgax through voice command. It only answers to is voice after all...
young-rain Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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