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Sephirath21000 PSA #1
Friend and some of his Family

Noah: “Hi; I’m Noah Schiffman; the owner of this account on DeviantArt.”

Jonathan: “And I’m Jonathan Small; colleague, rookie comedian, and novelist.”

Noah: “And today; we’re going to bring the first PSA from us here at”

Jonathan: (Appears wearing Grif’s orange Spartan Armor from Red vs. Blue) “Yeah; I’m the one doing all of the work here while you get most of the credit.”

David (Jonathan's 6-year old brother): “Jon-A-THAN!”

Jonathan: “Quick; kick me into that hole before he finds me!”

Noah: “Why?”

Jonathan: “Because my little brother is annoying; and I already posted the dialogue from a YouTube Poop in this PSA; just watch.” (Points to the camera)

SpongeBob: "That’s funny; I don't remember subscribing to Fancy Living-"
Ivo: "-PINGAS!"

Noah: "Stop posting crap like this; I'm not having you ruin my rep. on DeviantArt like you ruined my rep. on YouTube!"

Jonathan: (LMAO) "You guys are funny!"

David: "I... am... not... FUNNY!"

Noah: "Funny..." (Pauses dramatically) "THIS IS, Schiffman!" (Kicks Jonathan into the hole: "300" style) "And now to deal with; YOU!" (Points to David)

David: "Me?"

Noah: "Yes; you David Darren Small; the funny guy."

David: "If you call me funny; I'll go crazy."

Jonathan (Inside hole): "What else would be new about you?"

David: "Noah; you are making me sad." (Jonathan climbs out of the hole) "Jonathan; Noah is making me sad!"

Jonathan: "Yeah that's great; anyone seen Laura Kalkidan and Kaitlyn Huyegn around here?"

Laura (Jonathan's adopted 7-8-year old Eithiopian sister): Right here Jonathan." (Holds Kaitlyn's hand)

Kaitlyn (Jonathan's adopted 2-year old Vietnamese sister): "I see you." (Laughs)

Jonathan: "Good to know." (Turns to the readers) "Support this guy over here." (Points to Noah Schiffman) "By visiting his website @ www.sephirath21000.deviantart.… , I hope you enjoy yourselves out here. And next time Noah: Make the hole a bit deeper so's it would be more convincing of a PSA add.” (Fades to black like with RoosterTeeth)

Noah: “I’m on a budget here; sue me!”

Jonathan: “Don’t mind if I do.”

Noah: “I have diplomatic immunity; LegoMaster.”

Jonathan: “Shut up; let’s drop this…”

The End
For your popularity; Schiffman
Sephirath21000 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
It was supposed to be terrible; because it'd be funny at how terrible of an attempt I made
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August 27, 2009
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